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Technologies & Products

At each millimeter of our products we have invested many hours of development, testing and bringing to perfection. In process of creating products we attract the best experts with using the most modern technologies. Design of hookah parts was honed to perfection with a jeweler's precision to be as true work of art. The level of functionality the same high as beauty of design. Features of modern materials which are used in manufacturing, such as stainless steel and medical silicone that does not absorb odors and tastes, make hookah easy to care and very durable. Structural parts are made of lightweight and durable material - Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. In the manufacturing process involved a huge amount of hand made and for each product is given maximum attention from our masters to give you feeling of delight from first glance and first moment of use our products.

Unique design, developed to the smallest details. Perfection of engineering and aesthetics.

Most innovative technologies in production involving highly skilled professionals and craftsmen, who work on manufacturing of hookah components.

Incredible functionality and pleasure of use. In the development we given lot of attention to usability and for you be able to feel fantastic experience during smoking.

Use of highest quality materials for increased practicality, reliability and durability.

Functional elements

This part performs the function handle of hose. Depending to chosen model of hookah mouthpieces equipped from stainless steel or decorated with natural bamboo. The tip is made of stainless steel safe for human contact as the cutlery and does not wear out during use. The shape of the tip is designed for easy using external hygienic mouthpiece and to maintain ease passing of smoke even at this stage.


Conical shape with a wide base, combined with a significant weight make hookah perfectly stable. A glass thickness of 8 mm makes even serious impact or falling is not significant. Three levels of attachment components to the glass including mechanical safely fix that part and when you transferring hookah you can not be afraid that the glass will missing. Wide neck allows you to fill the base even with large fruits and ice and then they are also easy to extract for cleaning. Bottom of the base has possibility to installation of LED-lighting. Due to the transparency of the glass, you can watch the liquid in the base and experiment with different coctails. Matte glass perfectly diffuses the light illumination across the entire surface.


This detail is designed to release smoke from base, in case incorrect preparation when it accumulated a bitter smoke of burnt tobacco. The material from which made parts - Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. During smoking, the valve is closed, tightly tacked by retracting force and weight of the ball. It should be noted that the material of the ball - stainless steel, which will protect this item from rust, sticking and ensure proper functioning. If you needed, you may blowing into hose and can easily remove bitter smoke through a hole in the cap. Developed design of the valve allows unbelievably easily blown hookah which adds a unique feeling of use.


Down part tube of stem is removable for convenience in storage and cleaning. The design of down stem has diffuser, which can significantly reduce noise when smoking and improves filtering of smoke and intense taste. But if you want to hear the classic sound of bubbling water we provide easy removal of the diffuser and you can try to smoke without him.


Connecting link between man and hookah is hose. Great importance is the materials which used in manufacturing and design features. Hose is made of medical grade silicone. The features of this material are high strength, wear resistance, flexibility and most importantly - does not absorb odors and tastes. This makes it easy to wash with water. Reinforced with braid on the outside, which protects it from kinks and gives aesthetic look. Wide internal diameter promotes easy flow of smoke.


For creation original look, in addition to the internal part from stainless steel, construction of hookah hase outer part - Decor of Stem. We have developed convenient  replacement design of this item and you can easily update style of a hookah when you want by setting decors made of aluminum in different colors, natural bamboo and variety of this parts are frequently updating.


The main part of the hookah - stem, the inner tube is made of stainless steel. Due to specific of this type of steel, the shaft is protected from corrosion, does not absorb odors and tastes, easy care and durability. Body and structural parts made of anodized aircraft grade aluminum. The inner diameter tube of stem is 14mm, so you can easily pass the smoke through it. Total length of 60 cm enables high quality of cooling. Compound stem and base is threaded manner with the technical solution for fast twisting and stainless steel will prevent wear out during use.


Functional element was designed for convenience, allows to hang the hose so it does not fall from the desk when you do not smoke hookah and you did not need to hold it separately when you transfer a hookah.


Main function of this part is protection from possible falling coals and ashes from the bowl, but in most cases it is decorative element. Unique shape, fine lines perfectly complements the overall design of a hookah.


Designed for maximum convenience of working with coal. Sharp tip allows with jeweler's precision pick up even smallest pieces of coal. Lightweight and design features provide ease of movement during the preparation of hookah and stiffness of form provides secure grip of charcoal.


Made from high-quality ceramic and glazed. Performed in classical form and modern Funnell. Fast warms and evenly gives the temperature to tobacco.


Colored and incredibly bright diode lights for hookah inserting in bottom of base. With remote control. You can choose one of 16 colorful illumination colors, change the frequency of flickering or brightness and select type of work - smooth transition between colors or quick flickering.


Colored and incredibly bright diode lights for hookah inserting in bottom of base. With remote control. You can choose one of 16 colorful illumination colors, change the frequency of flickering or brightness and select type of work - smooth transition between colors or quick flickering.

For convenient storage and transportation of hookah, we have developed a unique set of covers and a wooden box where everything fits compactly. In a set has cover for base, cover for stem, cover for hose, cover for bowl and folder-case for parts and accessories. With this set you can take your Embery hookah to travel and be sure that all parts are properly protected from damage