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Embery ENVOLVE Hookah - black

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Premium hookahs of ENVOLVE series are technically and visually perfect, embodying all practice of the Embery studio over three years period of design works. The choice fell upon a modern hi-tech style, accentuating perfect construction of design hookahs. Straight, clear shape lines, maximum slim particulars underline delicate work of engineers and refinement quality.

Working through each detail in hookahs design we made sure of their high functionality level. The hookah is of classic shape of 78 cm total high. A steam is made of stainless steel that along with 62 cm high represents a good means for smoke cooling.

Construction details are made of light and sound material – i.e. anodized aircraft quality aluminum. Base walls thickness is up to 8 mm, thus preventing hookah from damages in case of serious strokes. All joints are executed by a screwed method thus ensuring perfect tightness of the item. Construction of the stem provides with a diffuser for a considerable reduction of noisiness when smoking and for getting better smoke filtration and better taste.

The stem is decorated with an aluminum tube, black-colored by an abrasion resistant finish. Wide bore sizes along the way of smoke passing through contributed to achieving exceptional lightness when breathing-in. Characteristics of used materials preventing from absorption of flavors and tastes make the hookah easy to handle and wearproof.

Stem decoration of this version is made in form of an aluminum tube of black color. Hose mouthpiece is made of polished stainless steel of 18/10 qualities with three cooling modules inside.

The hookah is packed with all necessary professional accessories both for preparing and handling, so you’d only have to enjoy the process just after the box opening.

For convenient storage and transportation of hookah, we have developed a unique set of covers and a wooden box where everything fits compactly. In a set has cover for base, cover for stem, cover for hose, cover for bowl and folder-case for parts and accessories. With this set you can take your hookah Embery to travel and be sure that all parts are properly protected from damage.


View full description of parts and specifications in the section Technology

  • Base
  • Stem
  • Plate
  • Classic bowl
  • Pfunnel bowl
  • Silicone hose with metal mouthpiece
  • Three frozen module for mouthpiece
  • Silicone grommets for hose and bowl
  • LED lighting with remote control
  • Tongs
  • Brushes for stem and base
  • User manual
  • Replacement grommets
  • Wooden box
  • Cover for base
  • Cover for stem
  • Cover for hose
  • Cover for bowl
  • Folder-case for parts and accessories
  • material: stainless steel ,anodized aluminum ,glass ,medical silicone
  • height (mm) – 700
  • length of hose (sm) – 178
  • internal diameter fo mine (mm) – 14
  • total weight (gr) – 4500
  • packing size (mm) – 480х230х220
  • manufacture country – Ukraine
  • color – black